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Essential Tools for OnlyFans Management: TDM’s Top 5

Managing an OnlyFans agency effectively requires the right tools. Here’s a breakdown of the top five tools that have proven invaluable for OnlyFans management (OFM), based on our experience at TDM.

1. Project Management Tool: Notion

The most underrated tool for managing an OnlyFans agency is a robust project management system. At TDM, we rely on Notion to streamline every aspect of our business, from team communication to task management. Notion’s versatility allows us to create dedicated workspaces for various teams, including marketing and staff management, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

While Notion might not be essential for agencies just starting out with a small team or a couple of creators, it becomes increasingly crucial as your agency grows. Its integration capabilities with tools like Google Drive, Google Calendar, Lucidchart, and Loom make it a comprehensive solution for scaling your operations efficiently.

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Inflow

Unlike project management tools, a CRM is a non-negotiable necessity for any OnlyFans agency, regardless of size. Inflow has been our go-to CRM due to its indispensable features that streamline our client interactions and data management. The move to Inflow marked a significant improvement in our operations, enhancing our ability to manage relationships and track performance metrics effectively. Inflow’s support team, particularly Matthew and others, have been instrumental in optimizing our CRM experience.

3. Nondetect Browser: Dolphin Anti

For managing multiple social media accounts and protecting privacy, Dolphin Anti is our trusted browser. It’s indispensable for handling numerous Reddit, Twitter, and OnlyFans alternative accounts. Dolphin Anti enables us to hide device IDs, IP addresses, and geolocations, making it ideal for operating multiple accounts from different locations.

Though Dolphin Anti is on the pricier side and has had occasional data leakage issues, its long-standing use in our agency means that transitioning to another tool like AdsPower or GoLogin would be complex. It remains our preferred solution for maintaining anonymity and operational efficiency.

4. Recruitment and Advertising: OnlyFinder

OnlyFinder is a powerful tool for both recruitment and paid advertising on OnlyFans. For agencies in their early stages, it’s an excellent platform to discover new creators by filtering for those who have recently joined OnlyFans. This feature provides a substantial opportunity to recruit fresh talent into your agency.

Additionally, OnlyFinder offers a paid advertising option for more established agencies looking to promote their creators. While this feature requires significant investment, it can be a highly effective method for increasing visibility and engagement. However, for those just starting, it’s advisable to focus on building a solid creator base before exploring paid ads.

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5. Networking and Information: Telegram Groups

Telegram can be a goldmine for networking and gathering valuable industry insights. While many Telegram groups are filled with irrelevant chatter, the key is to focus on paid groups and verified earner groups. These typically have members who are serious about their business and can offer actionable advice and networking opportunities.

Specifically, paid groups tend to attract more experienced and committed individuals. Our TDM Monarchy group, for example, is tailored for high earners ($500,000 per month or more), providing a space for serious discussions and strategies. Additionally, our free TDM Business group is highly active and open to new members, providing a platform for questions and community support.

By incorporating these tools into your OnlyFans management strategy, you can enhance efficiency, secure data privacy, recruit effectively, and gain valuable industry insights. For further discussions or queries, join our active TDM Business group on Telegram.


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