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Complete OnlyFans Management Course by TDM

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Agency setup and model recruitment.
£ 437
  • Complete 19-module video course
  • Support via Telegram


Agency setup, and marketing techniques.
£ 737
  • Complete 19-module video course
  • 1-to-1 consultation call
  • Support via Telegram

Complete OFM Package

Scale your agency to 6-figures per month
£ 1937
  • Complete 19-module video course
  • DA Genius course
  • OFM Banking course
  • 1-to-1 marketing support call
  • 1-to-1 directors call
  • 1-to1 Support via WhatsApp


A comprehensive course teaching you everything you need to start and grow your OnlyFans agency, right from the infrastructure of your company, public image, acquiring the right skill set, the legalities and hiring staff, to the account setup, organisation, admin, security, payouts and chatting. We also dig into recruiting creators and how to manage/motivate them, and comprehensively through each social media platform for marketing.

In Module 1, we address the question of whether this industry is really for you. Whilst being arguably the most lucrative industry in the modern marketplace, it faces a few necessary acknowledgments that needs to be considered before jumping in!
In Module 2, we discuss the inception of your idea and the fundamental importance of action when building a lucrative OnlyFans Management business.
In Module 3, we outline some of the preliminary infrastructure required when forming your agency as well, along with company formation and the importance of image and morality when working in the sex industry.
In Module 4, we explain the potential roadblocks you may face when setting up the financial foundations of your business and how to best navigate the complex world of business banking.

In Module 5, we explore the importance of keeping things above board and covering yourself, your associates, and your clients from a legal standpoint. We cover contracts, NDAs, code of conducts, GDPR, risk assessments, liability, and general HR.

In Module 6, we look at the importance of mastering your skillset and why you, as an agency owner, should be competent in each and every department of your business.

In Module 7, we explore the psychology of both the creators and the subscribers, the dynamic between them, and why knowing your customer is such an essential part of the adult entertainment industry.

In Module 8, we teach you how to manage the back end of the OnlyFans account, and cover account security, the use of plugins, withdrawals, payouts, and the administrative side of onboarding after the sales call.

In Module 9, we look at the front end of the OnlyFans account, namely at the profile pic, cover photo, bio, location, social buttons, links, subscription price, bundles, promotional campaigns, and generally how to configure an account that consistently generates increasing revenue month on month.

In Module 10, we showcase a live sales call with Liam closing the deal with an exceptionally talented OnlyFans creator. Explore the art of closing deals and guiding the creator towards phenomenal success.

In Module 11, we look at recruitment. At this point, you’ve got all of the tools and knowledge required to set up your agency and recruit models. We now teach you what to look for in new models as well as explore some of the recruitment strategies you’ll need to successfully onboard top-tier creators.

In Module 12, we demonstrate how to manage your models efficiently, professionally, and respectfully. You’ll learn how best to handle your relationship with the creator and ensure they are always happy with your service, but also how to get the best out of each and every creator you cross paths with.

In Module 13, we address the importance of a model’s branding and how we can best set them up for success, offering a USP to their target audience, and engaging with a niche that they are passionate about. This caters for better communication between departments of your business, more emotional investment from the creator, a more targeted audience for social media efforts, and ultimately a better account.

In Module 14, we look to our ‘shop floor’ where the revenue is actually being generated, and we cover inbox management, chatting psychology, and learning how to optimise each and every conversation with each and every subscriber.

In Module 15, we talk about what has led TDM’s very own Chatting Service to become known as the best in the business, and discusses why our strategies are so appealing to other agencies.

In Module 16, we introduce you to TDM’s Chief Marketing Officer, Charlie, who gives you an overview of marketing strategy and how to tailor a unique strategy to each of your models. In this module, we offer some general social media marketing tips and tricks, and cover how to funnel valuable traffic to the OF account.

In Module 17, we take a deeper dive into some of the most lucrative social media platforms and how you can uniquely leverage each platform to generate more account traffic and convert that traffic into subscribers. In specific, we cover Instagram, Reddit and Twitter.

In Module 18, we overview the most powerful social media platform any OnlyFans creator, TikTok. In this module, Charlie reveals TDM’s virality formula and guides you on how to create gripping content to drive infinite traffic volume.

In Module 19, we cover why not all traffic is equal, and why dating app marketing is extremely popular in the OFM community. You’ll learn why the traffic-quality that dating apps have to offer is so sought after, and how to leverage that for the growth of your OnlyFans account. Charlie teaches some of the popular methods used in the industry and the importance of being one step ahead of the game.


As a Top Drawer Man, I have relentlessly pursued excellence, achieving remarkable feats at a young age. By 16, I became a 2nd Dan black-belt kickboxer, and at 18, a world champion powerlifter, breaking 10+ world records by 21. By 22, I reached millionaire status and mentored over 100 clients to 6-figure success by 23. My dedication, business acumen, and entrepreneurial spirit have driven me to surpass expectations.

Despite the allure of supercars and private jets, my humble beginnings as a fast-food chef ground me and highlight the transformative power of resilience and determination. Alongside Cameron, I ventured into business, establishing TDM as the leading OnlyFans agency, generating millions monthly. Our innovative chat service and unmatched courses redefine online education, empowering clients to reach new heights of success.

Liam & Private Jet
Palace & Supercars

My journey as a 27-year-old millionaire reflects relentless pursuit, determination, and personal growth. By age 27, I became a self-made millionaire through unmatched discipline and perseverance. It was not just about financial success but a testament to my belief in self-improvement. From my first paycheck at McDonald’s at 16, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Through diverse experiences, including managing a recruitment agency and working alongside billionaires, I learned the power of smart choices, networking, and hard work. This drove me to build TDM, an eight-figure per month business empire. As Top Drawer Men, we embody masculinity, empowering others to achieve their potential, defy norms, and control their destiny.




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